Protected videos on Android 12

A serious problem has been discovered on devices running on Android 12. When you try to protect an already recorded video (in Files or during video playback), the video is lost!

We’ve just released a fix for this in version 7.1.1 of the apps. If you are running an older version of the app, please download this new version from our site. Due to extra requirements from Google, it will take a while until a new version of the app is accepted on the Play store.

Download DailyRoads Voyager v.7.1.1

Download DailyRoads Voyager Pro v.7.1.1


  • We have just released version 8.0 of the app, which includes the fix from version 7.1.1. You can download it now from our site, or wait until it fully becomes available on the Play store.

    Other changes in version 8.0:

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  • Version 8.0.1 is the recommended version to be used now, both for the free and Pro variants.

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