Most likely you have witnessed interesting or even outstanding events during your journeys and road trips. For those events you could prepare for, you probably had your camera with you, or turned your mobile phone into video recording mode. But, a large number of events on the road can not be foreseen, like road incidents, interesting vehicles passing by, landscapes, buildings, animals and people by the road, and a multitude of events we can all imagine from previous experiences as drivers or passengers.


Thousands of such events happen every hour around the globe, but only a very small fraction is captured on cameras which happen to be in recording mode at that time. And these events make the TV headlines, or become popular videos on YouTube. If you could have a way to continuously record your journeys, you would be able to capture all the interesting events you witnessed, and then show them around to your friends, family or upload for the whole world.


There is even a more compelling reason to record your whole journey, and that is an unfortunate event of being involved in a car accident. You would have the evidence to prove your innocence! Maybe another car cut you off, failed to give way, or a pedestrian just appeared in front of you from nowhere. The police officers and insurance agents can be easily convinced of how things really happened, when you show them the footage.