Only the Pro version offers the functionality of uploading to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. First you’d need to log in to these services via Voyager Pro, and then you can specify such a destination in the app’s video/photo settings (automatic uploads section). You can also select such a destination when you try to manually upload a file.


It is worth mentioning that when you log in via Voyager Pro, your Google/Dropbox email and password are never revealed to the app. The login is initiated in the app, but you actually login on a Google/Dropbox server (you can check the URLs in the browser), and only an authorization token is provided to the app. This is how the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol works.


Uploads to a custom server work via HTTP, and you’d need to have a script on your server which should know how to handle “multi-part/form-data“. Please contact us if you plan to implement such uploads.