To store videos and photos, by default the app uses the internal memory, as it is always available. For constant write/delete operations, it is advisable to use an external storage card (if available).

You need to manually pick the folder on the card. It should be a path/folder you specifically select via the standard system interface for folder selection. You can start this process by tapping on the “Full path” option in the app’s storage settings, then tap on the “Manage paths” button.

On newer Android versions the system permissions may prevent saving files to the previously used default folder. This usually happens after a system update, when suddenly the app can no longer record videos. In this case, please use the “Manage paths” button. The “Reset paths” button keeps your existing selection (which may still not work), but resets the list to usable paths.

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The app can record videos and capture photos in the background, while another app runs in the foreground. This means you can receive and place calls, use your GPS navigation or radar detection software, and rest assured that everything what happens in front of your vehicle is still being recorded.

For this to work, you’d need to enable a system permission specific to the app. Depending on the Android version, this permission can be called “appear on top”, “draw over other apps” or a similar wording. You can find this permission in the main settings of the device, but the app also provides a shortcut to this in its background mode settings.

When this system permission is disabled, a reminder popup is also shown briefly when you start the app. You can tap on the Continue button to go directly to the relevant section of the system settings, then find the DailyRoads app for which to enable the permission.

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If enabled in the app’s storage settings (File storage – Logging – into file), the app creates a log file named DailyRoadsLog.txt in its main path (shown in the settings).

After you enable logging, exit the app and try again to reproduce the problem. Would help if you could also specify the timestamp when you noticed the problem, so we can cross-reference that timestamp in the log file. Then please send everything to

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In addition to the required system permission allowing the app to appear on top, it is recommended to also enable the other system permission, related to battery optimization. Depending on the Android version, the permission may be called “Ignore battery optimization” or “Battery not optimized”.

After enabling this system permission, the app should end up in the list of apps which are not restricted from using background battery. If the permission is not enabled, the system usually limits the resources allocated to the app, resulting in video recording errors.

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