On the main screen of the application, the Video and Photo buttons allow you to start and stop the sequence of recording videos and capturing photos. The Camera mode button allows for a quick change between various modes defined in the settings. The microphone image is used to start a new video with/without sound included. The GPS signal status, and currently saved file numbers are also displayed in the corners. If you have overheating protection enabled, the bottom section may turn yellow (close to overheat) or red (overheat limit reached).


It is worth noticing that while the main screen is visible, the display will not turn off. If you turn it off manually, the video/photo capturing will not stop, but (on some devices) you may encounter camera-related issues. To maximize your chances of recording with the screen turned off, try to put the app into background mode first.


Between 2 taps of the Video button (to start/stop), not just one video file is produced. Instead, a whole set of video files is recorded and saved in that session. If you specify the length of video sequences to 1 minute (in the Settings), then during an hour the application saves roughly 60 video files.


These files usually contain ordinary road events, so the files are marked as temporary, and will be deleted during the automatic cleanup. Only when the accelerometer detects a possible crash, or when you touch the screen to protect a video, you indicate that something interesting happened, and the latest recorded video sequence is stored into the safe zone.


The Photo button works much in the same way. You set up a snapshot frequency in the settings, and once you start the capturing sequence, photos are continuously being captured and saved to the common storage path (specified in the app’s settings).


The Video and Photo functionalities use the same camera exclusively. It may take a few seconds to focus and capture a photo, during which time video recording is paused.


During automatic capturing, video recording has priority over photos. But, you can force an immediate photo capture if you tap on the Photo button to begin or end a session. It is assumed you saw something worth capturing in a photo, so the currently recording video file is saved, the photo captured, and then video recording resumed in a new file.


In background mode there are also Video and Photo buttons (among others) which are displayed on top of other apps. The group of buttons can be moved around with the first button, and further configuration is possible in the background mode settings.