The tracking service allows fleet managers worldwide to monitor vehicle status and driving conditions, either in real-time, or through comprehensive statistics.

We are still working on this innovative solution, developing some unique features you won’t find anywhere else.


Dashcam app as GPS tracker

By combining our tried-and-trusted Android dashcam app with an award-winning GPS tracking software, we provide an integrated solution to record road videos, capture photos and send real-time GPS data to a user-friendly monitoring dashboard.


Powerful options for fleet management

  • real-time GPS tracking
  • history and reports
  • POI and routes
  • geofences
  • alerts


Useful for drivers

We provide pricing plans for individual drivers, but even within a fleet plan the drivers can check their own GPS data and upload photos/videos important to them.


Remote capture of photos and videos

The fleet manager can remotely connect to any vehicle to capture photos/videos. Rule-based capture can also trigger automatic uploads, when entering/leaving predefined geofences.


Uploads and hosting of media files

  • driver-initiated uploads from the app
  • automatic uploads from the app
  • remotely triggered manual uploads
  • rule-based automatic uploads
  • gallery for uploaded files


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