These are the required permissions for DailyRoads Voyager. Hopefully it is clear why most of these permissions are needed. But, maybe it is worth explaining the sensitive ones:


Disable your screen lock – allows to record videos with the screen turned off. And when you turn it on, you can access the app’s controls immediately, without fiddling with the lock. The lock is disabled only while Voyager is running, either in the foreground or the background. This behavior can be controlled with the “lock screen” option in the general settings.


Draw over other apps – needed to display the background buttons.


Prevent device from sleeping – used to keep the phone in a state of alertness just enough to continue recording video. On some devices (especially with newer Android versions) this doesn’t prevent the system to enter deep sleep mode, and shut down the app.


Google Maps permissions – there are also some specific permissions needed for the embedded Google Maps.


Bluetooth – for the Pro version, Bluetooth permission is needed to detect when a paired device connects or disconnects (to automatically start and stop the app).