DailyRoads Hosting and Tracking

Even the very first version of our dashcam app allowed uploads of videos and photos to DailyRoads.com. This way drivers could save the important moments from their journeys and share some of them with other people.


During the past decade around 800,000 videos and almost as many photos were uploaded to our servers. Needless to say, it cost us a lot to store those TBs of files.


The upload and storage were (and still are) free for the drivers. We intended to create a social network focused on road videos, but lacked the resources to implement it properly. About 2 years ago we shut down the social network part, but still allowed drivers to freely upload, store and view their own videos and photos.


To keep and improve our dashcam apps, we need to have a sustainable business, and one way to achieve this is with a subscription model. There will still be a free version of the DailyRoads app, and another pay-once Pro version. Both will allow photo and video uploads to the upcoming hosting service, for which there are various subscription plans to choose from.


You can sign up now to DailyRoads Hosting before the official launch, to benefit from reduced rates and extra storage.


For companies and professional drivers there is another service, which will use a separate dashcam app. DailyRoads Tracking also welcomes you now to sign up before the official launch, to secure a reduced rate and extra storage.


Both services are under development, and you can sign up now without any credit card info. When the service becomes available, we will send a welcome email to your provided address.


Stay with us on our journey, thank you!

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