Video, sound, GPS all good in foreground mode, but when it goes into background mode, the video and sound still gets recorded but the GPS information stops.
So no speed, no lat/long info.
When I bring it back to foreground mode, GPS starts being accessed again, so speed and log/lat after a second or two gets displayed (and recorded).

This used to work, so I suspect a recent system update disabled GPS access while running in background mode.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U) running Android 11 (security patch level Feb 1, 2021), One UI version 3.0, and it’s not rooted.
I tried a complete reinstall, allowed all access requested, but this did not help background mode.

Is there a way to enable (or un-disable) speed, long/lat (ie GPS info) while in background mode?

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In Android 11 the “allow all the time” option is no longer present when the app is requesting location permissions. Now you’d need to manually go to the system settings and enable this permission.


There is also an option for the app to direct you to this system setting. We’ll include this in the next version of the app. This will be just a shortcut, like the background mode permission, as such permissions can only be enabled in the main system settings.

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