I bought Voyager Pro. Can’t record video.

Tried various codecs and qualities.

Your online help page is impossible to work with. Can’t find my phone brand

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I have the default 180 seconds specified for video length in the settings, but sometimes shorter ...
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Thanks for buying the Pro version! It has the same camera code as the free version, so if the free version could record videos on that device, the Pro version should, too.

Normally, the app detects the capabilities of the device, and would allow video recording right after installation, without any changes in the settings. But, you can also try out various video options. The Samsung A70 can have different version names, depending on which part of the world it is sold:


I used the global version of SM-A750FN to search our statistics database. It is a bit slow now, as we’re in the process of moving it over to the DailyRoads.app website, but I still found these results:


As you can see, the HD 720p and 1080p quality options are quite popular. If you already tried these, maybe other video options have an influence on recording, too. Samsung uses special parameters on some of the device models, so make sure you have the Samsung option enabled in the app’s video settings. The video stabilization option can also prevent recording, if the device doesn’t support it (but claims it does).

If after trying these options and you still can’t record, we can also take a look at a log file: https://dailyroads.app/voyager/faq#log-file

If you’d rather like a refund, please email us the Order ID. This was sent to you by Google after your purchase.

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